Melu Crochet: Chevron Bobble Block Pattern Release!

You may have read in my previous post that testing has been underway for my latest design, the #chevronbobbleblock pattern. This was to check that I have included enough detail, that the written pattern corresponds with the chart and that I haven’t made any mistakes!

My Chevron Bobble Block Blanket is available to buy in my Etsy Shop or buy now from Ravelry

I ran a Facebook group to communicate with testers, add photos and share their experiences and work.

Having always been a designer, I know the value of feedback and evaluation. It is essential when creating products for people to easily understand.

When I am designing I can hear my university lecturer in my mind saying ‘capture the design intent’ repeatedly!

When I put my latest pattern to the testers, one of them, Emz, asked if she could make it larger. Well this got the cogs going round in my brain and I was able to rework the pattern to include larger sizes but in doing so, have made the pattern much easier to follow 🙌🙌🙌 

It was really satisfying to be able to solve a problem and make the pattern more versatile. So, Once again- thank you! To all of my testers, you are AMAZING 👏👏

The #chevronbobbleblock pattern is unique because it uses my new DOUBLE SIDED bobble stitch method. Allowing you to create a different pattern on each side of your blanket (unlike when using the traditional method where you make a single sided blanket).

If you would like to make your own #chevronbobbleblock take a look at the pattern in my Etsy Shop or buy now from Ravelry

I have lots of other blanket designs in my Etsy shop

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I’d love to see YOUR finished Blanket! Don’t forget to add #melucrochet when you post your photos 🙂

The Melu crochet guide has lots of help and photo tutorials to help you with your crochet including: treble crochet, double treble crochet and how to crab stitch


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