Melu Crochet Guide: Bobble Stitch Guide- LEFT HANDED VERSION!!

The bobble stitch has got to be my favourite! I’ve used bobbles in my patterns to add texture, weight and a 3D element to crochet

I’ve even used bobbles to create pictures:

I hope that these patterns have inspired you to pick up your hook and have a go at the bobble stitch! Keep reading for the full photo tutorial…

How to crochet a bobble stitch for left handed crocheters:











I hope you’ve enjoyed learning to bobble! If you would like an easy to print, downloadable PDF version of these instructions, visit my etsy listing. If you would like to have a go at the projects above, click on the links in the photos- they will take you to the patterns on my etsy shop. Thanks!

For help with changing colour, take a look at my Bobble Stitch with colour changes guide this is right handed but will give you information on how to change colour.

Have a try at one of these free patterns:

left handed wicked witch pattern
Left handed version of the Day of the Dead Skull pattern

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