Melu Crochet Guide: Bobble Stitch with colour changes

If you want to use a different colour so that your crochet bobbles stand out, have a look at this easy tutorial where I show you how to change colour when crocheting the bobble stitch.

Here is an example where I have used grey yarn for the bobbles when creating the name Finley in my Customisable Polka Dot Bobble Blanket. The dc stitches were completed in navy blue.

How to crochet a bobble stitch: *Yarn over, insert into indicated stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 (two loops left on hook) Repeat * four more times until there are 6 loops on your hook, yarn over, pull through all loops on hook.


Needle shows the stitch that the bobble will be worked into


Lay white yarn and tail of pink yarn against work, then with working end of pink yarn: *Yarn over, 


insert into indicated stitch,


yarn over


Pull through


Yarn over


Pull through 2 (two loops left on hook)


Repeat * four more times until there are 6 loops on your hook


Yarn over (with the colour for the next stitch)


Pull through all loops on hook

Secure the bobble stitch with a UK Dc (US Sc). If the next bobble in the pattern is the same colour you can continue to secure it without changing colour. 

To ‘carry’ the yarn rather than cut and join: Bring the finished colour (in this case pink) towards you, and continue with the new colour. 

Wrong side

Right side

When completing the Dc/Sc row above the bobble row, lay the tail of the pink along the row and crochet over it. When you reach the count for the bobble on the next row, push it away from you and let it hang freely while you complete the rest of the row. 

You can then pick it back up to do the next row of bobbles. 

If you would like to try a bobble stitch with colour changes pattern take a look at these:

For the Bobble stitch chart patterns above, click here


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