Melu Crochet Guide: Neat Row Colour Changes

This is a technique for colour changing when crocheting in rows that will give you neat stripes and prevent wonky edges!

1, Complete row until 1 st remains
2, Insert hook and start your stitch in the normal way
3, Yarn over
4, Pull through- two loops on hook
5, Grab your new colour yarn on to your hook 
6, Now use your new colour yarn to pull through the loops and complete your stitch
7, Ch1, 
8, turn

You can now continue with the row of your new colour.

This method of joining a new colour yarn will give you neat colour changes.

I’d love to see your creations! Don’t forget to add #melucrochet when you post your photos 🙂

Take a look at some of my patterns that are worked in rows:

The Melu crochet guide has lots of help and photo tutorials to help you with your crochet including: treble crochet and how to crab stitch

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