Melu Crochet Guide: How to Crab Stitch (Reverse dc/sc)

The Crab Stitch is a lovely edging to finish off your crochet. This is a excerpt taken from my Mindfulness blanket pattern, but you can add it to many items to create a neat, simple border.

I use UK terminology, click here for a handy conversion chart to US terms


ch chain

st/s stitch/es

slst slip stitch

dc double crochet (sc single crochet in US terminology)

Ch 1,

Working from left to right, rather than right to left as usual:

1) Insert the hook under the v (indicated by arrow)

2) Yarn over

3) Pull through (two loops left on hook)

4) Yarn over

5) pull through both loops on hook (one loop left on hook).

6) Continue to reverse dc into each stitch around your work,

7) Your last stitch will be into the same space as your ch1 at the start of the round

8) Cut yarn and fasten off 

9) Sew in ends with a large eyed needle.

All finished!

Mindfulness blanket pattern by Melu Crochet available in UK and US terminology

For more crochet help see the Melu Crochet Guide

I’d love to see what you make- don’t forget to add #melucrochet when you post your photos 🙂


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