Melu Crochet: Modern Diagonal Bobble Filet Blanket -Pattern testing

I have been a big fan of the bobble stitch for a long time; I love the texture and drape that is created when you use it. My first published pattern was the Modern Bobble Blanket which was recently featured in Friday Morning Charity’s blog where I was Maker of the Month- what an honour!

my Modern Bobble Blanket on Friday Morning Charity’s blog

I have used bobbles for many of my patterns and have even been the first designer to use double sided bobbles in my blankets. Here is my latest double sided design, which is still in the testing phase if you would like to try it out?!

I have also used bobbles to create pictures and writing

These patterns have been fun to design and make but I wanted to take a step back and add to my collection of easy and mindful patterns. These are also great for beginners.

So here I have my latest pattern, the Modern Diagonal Bobble Filet Blanket! I’ve designed this to be easy to make with simple repeats and lots of texture.

Pattern available now on etsy

I am offering the the chance for crocheters to test the Melu Crochet Modern Diagonal Bobble Filet Blanket pattern for me so that I can make sure the sizes are accurate, and that the instructions are correctly written.

Sizes: Finished blanket measures approx 71cm x 80cm, ideal for a baby blanket or lap blanket. Instructions are also given for a large (95cm width) and XL (110cm width) blanket.

Pattern available now on etsy

I will be running a Facebook group to communicate with testers and this will also be a place for the testers to add photos and share their experiences and work.

If you would like to test the pattern please be ready to answer the following questions when you join the group:

Would you consider yourself a beginner/intermediate/experienced crocheter? It is very useful for me to know how experienced my testers are so that I can choose a range of abilities and make the patterns accessible to everyone.

Would you be willing to provide photos of your process and a photo of the finished piece? I’d love to showcase your work and also show real people using my crochet rather than models.

I am happy for you to use any type of yarn, please keep a record of how much yarn you have used to make your blanket and the name, brand and colour. I love people getting creative with the patterns and choosing different colour schemes and fibres, it can change the look of the item dramatically!

Pattern available now on etsy

If you would like to join the group and are happy to contribute with all of the information and photos above then please click on the link below:

UPDATE- Thank you for your interest in testing my pattern, I am happy to say that I have enough testers now. Please follow me to be the first to find out about testing my next pattern….

If you are interested in testing future Melu Crochet patterns, Subscribe to my blog using the link below or follow me on Facebook and Instagram and you will receive updates when I have a new pattern available for testing, Thanks!

Previous test patterns:

Take a look some of my other patterns:

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