Melu Crochet: Granny Bobblina Rainbow Blanket

I went all out with texture and bobbles for my latest pattern, the Granny Bobblina Rainbow blanket! As you have probably noticed I am in a rainbow stage at the moment and I am really enjoying the shape and colour combinations. This lovely blanket combines granny clusters and the bobble stitch, all curving around a cheerful rainbow.

My Granny Bobblina Blanket is now available in my Etsy shop, my LoveCrafts shop, and buy now on Ravelry!

Make one for a new baby, as a lap blanket or for a sleepy car journey!

Blanket made by Ric @justthe_ten_ofus

My testers have thoroughly checked the pattern and have helped me to make it easy to read and understand. It is an intermediate level pattern, beginners may find the it a bit tricky but as long as you concentrate on the stitch counts you’ll be fine!

I give you the colour recipe and amounts of yarn you will need for both aran and dk yarn.

There is a photo tutorial included to help you with the bobble stitch which is crocheted as you make the blanket and therefore won’t shed or fall off.


Aran version

5.5mm hook (If using a different yarn, use a hook that is 0.5 mm larger than that recommended for the yarn) 

Yarn Needle

Colour recipe

Each letter represents a ‘colour’, I have given the general colours so that you can substitute for your own yarn choices. I have also given the Stylecraft Special Aran yarn colours that I used when making my blanket which is a 100% acrylic yarn:

‘COLOUR’ColourApproximate Amount Stylecraft Special Aran colours used 
BNavy blue23gMidnight
CBlue26gStorm Blue
FLight Pink41gPale Rose
ICream 57gCream

Buy this yarn from LoveCrafts


105cm x 74cm (41½ x 29 inches)

DK Version

If you would like to use DK yarn instead of aran you will need to use a 4.5mm hook and the following amounts:

‘COLOUR’Approximate Amount Stylecraft Special DK colours used
C11gVintage Peach
F19gCloud Blue

This will give you a smaller blanket that measures approximately 71cm x 46cm (28 x 18 inches) 

Buy this Stylecraft Special DK yarn from LoveCrafts

Blanket made by Becca @cupcake_crochet123

Save for later:

Thank you to my fabulous testers:

Here are the Granny Bobblina Rainbow blankets that my amazing testers made. scroll down for more information on these testers and click their names to follow them!

Once again a big thank you to my testers, you have helped me so much!

My Granny Bobblina Blanket is now available in my Etsy shop, my LoveCrafts shop, and buy now on Ravelry!

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