Granny Over the Rainbow Blanket by Melu Crochet

This blanket is made from two of the crocheting world’s favourite things- grannies and rainbows! It is the latest in my Rainbow range which I have designed to be fun to make, and easily adapted you your own colour scheme. It uses treble crochet throughout with a lovely bobble stitch edging (because I just love a bobble stitch!)

My testers have thoroughly checked the pattern and have helped me to make it easy to read and understand. It is an intermediate level pattern, beginners may find the it a bit tricky but as long as you concentrate on the stitch counts you’ll be fine!

There are lots of photos included to help you as you go and a Melu Crochet Bobble Stitch guide photo tutorial.

The Granny Over the Rainbow Blanket by Melu Crochet is available now in my Etsy shop and my Lovecrafts shop

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4mm hook (If using a different yarn, use a hook that is 1mm larger than that recommended for the yarn) 
Yarn: I used Hobbii Bamboo Rainbow
Approximate amounts:
Colour A) Grey, 11g
Colour B) Rose, 13g
Colour C) Lilac, 15g
Colour D) Blue, 17g
Colour E) Green, 23g
Colour F) Orange, 26g
Colour G) Pink, 29g
Colour H) Rose, 31g
Colour I) Grey, 52g
Yarn Needle

Finished blanket measures approx 100 x 70cm (39½ x 27½ inches) ideal for a baby blanket.

11st and 8 rows in dc to 10cm/4in using 4mm hook or size needed to obtain tension.

Colour recipe

Each letter represents a ‘colour’, I have given the general colours so that you can substitute for your own yarn choices. I have also given the Hobbii Rainbow Bamboo yarn colours that I used when making my blanket which is a 4ply 60% Bamboo Viscose, 40% Cotton blend:

‘COLOUR’ColourApproximate Amount Hobbii Rainbow bamboo colours used 
AGrey 11gSteel grey (06)
BRose13gDusty Rose (17) 
CLilac15gLilac Sweet Pea (33)
DBlue17gUniform Blue (36)
EGreen23gDusty Pine (38)
FOrange26gBurnt Terracotta (22)
GPink29gDusty Pink Velvet (29)
HRose31gDusty Rose (17) 
IGrey52gSteel grey (06)

Step by step MELU Crochet Stitch guide included.

🇺🇸 🇬🇧 US and UK terminology versions of the pattern are included in your download 🇺🇸 🇬🇧


My fabulous testers have worked their magic once again! Please take a look at their profiles and shops (you might even be able to purchase the actual blanket!) by clicking their names and giving them a like and a follow!

Helen @snapdragoncrochet Helen’s Etsy Shop

Natalie Stokes @monkeyandbearuk Natalie’s Etsy shop

Liz @daltsandkissescrochet

Thank you again!

The Granny Over the Rainbow Blanket by Melu Crochet is available now in my Etsy shop and my Lovecrafts shop

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