Melu Crochet: OmbRainbow Blanket

Woohoo it’s arrived! I’ve been so excited since Hobbii asked me if I want to try out their rainbow bamboo yarn that I have fully planned it out, including pattern, colour recipe and name!!! 

Let’s see if it all goes to plan…🌈😁

There are 40 colours to choose from, I chose these because I want to do an ombré rainbow (OmbRainbow- see what I did there?!)- so excited about it because the yarn is 4ply I’m going to hold two strands together and because it is breathable and regulates temperature it is ideal for a spring/summer baby blanket. First impressions are good- it looks a bit shiny and feels very soft, I can’t wait to get started!!!

I have chosen the following Hobbii Rainbow Bamboo colours (L to R): 

Steel grey 06

Dusty Rose 17

Lilac sweet Pea 33

Uniform Blue 36

Curry 20

Dusty Pine 38

Burnt terracotta 22

Dusty Pink Velvet 29

Almond 03

Click here to go to Hobbii’s website

And here is my new little puppy Ernie, helping me to unwrap!

I will add more photos as I progress through this project, follow me to see my latest updates:


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