Wandering Star by Melu Crochet

This year I have been organised and designed this lovely little Wandering Star decoration that works up really quickly in time for Christmas. It uses super chunky yarn for that instant satisfaction feeling 😁 and looks so soft and squishy everyone will want one! 

I have decided to put it on my website as a free pattern to say thank you for all of your support over the last few years 🥰🤗😁 it really is a wonderful thing being part of our yarny community 😁

This pattern uses Hobbii Honey Bunny yarn that was kindly gifted to me by @hobbii_yarn for their #HaveYourSelfAMerryLittleDIY challenge. It has been such a pleasure to use, such vibrant colours, a lovely soft texture that doesn’t shed and SO squishy!!! Thanks so much Hobbii 🤗

Now free to download from Hobbii.com


7mm hook


25g super chunky chenille yarn, 

I used Hobbii Honey Bunny yarn in colour: 

Gold Dust (27)

5g Stuffing- I used polyester hi loft toy stuffing

Yarn Needle

4 stitch markers


17cm x 17cm (7 x 7  inches)



Ch chain

sts stitches

sl st slip stitch

sc single crochet

dc double crochet

hdc half double crochet

tr treble crochet

sc3tog single crochet 3 together

2dc two dcs in the same st

3dc three dcs in the same st 

5dc five dcs in the same st 

The pattern and all photos within the pattern are protected under copyright and are the property of Melu Crochet. I ask that you please do not resell, share, copy or email my patterns. 

Please do pass on my website MeluCrochet.com or shop info to your admirers and tag me #melucrochet when you post your pics online, referrals are always welcome! Thanks!

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Turning chain does not count as a stitch throughout

Start each round in same st as turning ch

For help with Rounds 1 to 3, see my YouTube video:

Round 1

Ch3, working into 3rd ch from hook,

dc into ch,

sc into ch,

*dc, sc into ch repeat from * four more times

sl stitch to join to the first dc of the round (10st)

Round 2

Ch2, 3dc

sc in next st,

*5dc in next st,

sc in next st,

Repeat from * three more times

2dc into same st as the first dc of the round,

sl st to join into the first dc of the round. (30st total)

Round 3:

Ch3, tr

2dc in same st,

hdc in next st,


hdc in next st,

(2dc, tr, 2dc) in next st,

hdc in next st,

Repeat from * three more times

sc3tog, hdc in next st,

2dc into same st as the first tr of the round,

sl st to join into the first tr of the round, (40st total)

Cut yarn and fasten off

Make another star, this time do not cut yarn, but continue to ‘joining’.


For help with joining, see my YouTube video:

With Right Side facing out on both stars, rotate the first star so that the starting chain is not in the same position as the second star:

place stars together Ch1,

Add stitch markers to the top of each tr stitch to hold the stars in place so that the stitches on each star line up

sc through both sides of the star in each stitch around, until you reach the 5th point,

Hide your ends as you go by tucking them inside the star,

Stuff the star with small amounts of filling at a time, gently pushing it into the points of the star.

Continue to sc in each st to close,

sl st to join into the first st of the round,


sl st to join into the first ch to make a hanging loop

Fasten off and cut yarn and sew in end,

that’s it, you’re finished!

If you have any questions on the pattern, feel free to email me melucrochet@gmail.com 

I’d love to see your finished projects, tag me! #melucrochet

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Thank you for making this pattern, I hope you have enjoyed it. You may sell the finished products that you make from this pattern. If selling online, please include a link back to my website: MeluCrochet.com


We had a quick turnaround on this project and my wonderful testers did not disappoint! Thank you so much!

Becca Smith 

Helen Macarthur

Diane Mainey

Natalie Stokes

Jude Smallwood

Anna Wickback

Kim McAuliffe

Jessica Williams

A HUGE thank you to all of my wonderful testers!

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