Melu Crochet: Featured Pattern- Mindfulness Blanket

Since Louisa from Robins and Rainbows shared my Mindfulness pattern on Instagram, I’ve had lots of people asking about it, so I thought I would tell you a bit more about how it got it’s name…

I had been trying to be more mindful in everything I was doing at the time, I had been to mindfulness sessions and tried meditating, and learnt how to appreciate just being in the moment. I wanted to make something that reflected this, it’s a really simple pattern that flows. There is no messing with changing colour, counting or thinking- in my opinion it’s heaven when I’ve had a long day and I can have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and just make.

Mindfulness Blanket by Melu Crochet

I designed it to be easy to make for beginners; I taught my sister to crochet using this pattern!

Mindfulness Blanket by Melu Crochet

If you’d like to buy this beautiful Paintbox baby dk yarn, it is available from LoveCrafts, this is the Pistachio green shade.

This cosy, warm blanket is ideal for adding modern texture and style to your home. It is soft and squishy so is ideal for cuddling up! The most wonderful thing about it though is how easy it is- even though it looks so intricate. It is a simple, repeating pattern so that you can relax, unwind and enjoy it as there is no need to count once you’ve got going- hooray!

Mindfulness Blanket by Melu Crochet

Instructions are given to allow you to re-size your blanket – Receiving/crib/lap blanket or go large with a sofa throw or bedcover!

Step by step photo tutorials and a chart are given to make learning this simple pattern as easy as possible

My friend Hazel used the pattern to make a huge throw: (this is doubled over!) She likes to call it her Mindless blanket because she doesn’t have to think!

Hazel with her Mindfulness Blanket

Then Louisa decided she wanted to make a scarf with it as she loved the texture. I give instructions to change the width of the blanket in the pattern so she did this by simply changing the length of her starting chain.

So in the end I called it my Mindfulness blanket because it’s such a chill out!

The pattern includes full written instructions, photo tutorials for each part and a chart and is for sale in my etsy shop and LoveCrafts now.

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