Melu Crochet Guide: How to crochet a wall hanging

This is a technique for crocheting over a dowel rod or stick to create unique wall (and window) hangings!

You will be double crocheting (UK terms) over the dowel to secure it to your square.

Ch1, turn, lay the dowel above the final row of your crochet
Hold the dowel behind the working end of yarn
Insert your hook into the next stitch and grab your yarn from behind the dowel
pull through (2 loops on hook)
Yarn over
Pull through 2
When you have reached the end of the row, its time to create the hanging cord

Creating the hanging cord

Chain 45
insert hook into the top of the first dc/sc of the row
Slip stitch to join
cut yarn, fasten off and sew in your ends
Now your hanging is ready to be displayed! If you would like to add tassels, take a look at this guide

I have used this technique to turn my Chase the Rainbow pattern into a window hanging- have a go yourself!

Chase the Rainbow free pattern

I’d love to see your creations! Don’t forget to add #melucrochet when you post your photos 🙂

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The Melu crochet guide has lots of help and photo tutorials to help you with your crochet including: treble crochet and how to crab stitch

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