Melu Crochet Guide: How to add tassels to Crochet

Make a template by cutting a piece of stiff cardboard, 20cm (8 inches) long and approx 10cm (4 in) wide

Hold yarn end at the top of the card and wrap the yarn around card 4 times, cut the yarn at the top of the card.

Slide yarn from the bottom of the card and keep the loops together

With the wrong side facing, Use your crochet hook to pull the gathered loops through the foundation chain of your work.

Open the loop with your fingers

Next, pull the loose ends through the loop

Tighten until secure.

Continue to add tassels through each of the foundation chains. If adding tassels to the other end of your work, use the top of your stitches on your last row.

Cut through the loops

Lay the tassels across a straight edge (for example a table or worktop)

trim the edges so that the tassels are the same length and so that the ends of all the loops are cut through

Hang with pride!

This tutorial is part of the Crochet Bobble Stitch Heart Wall Hanging Pattern by Melu Crochet


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