Melu Crochet Guide: Treble crochet (tr) in Rows

Treble crochet (tr)

Complete your chain with the number of stitches given in your pattern, hold your chain on its side with the v’s facing you:

Miss the first and second chain, work into the third chain from the hook:

When you have completed the row, count your stitches 

Turning chain

The turning chain allows you to maintain the height of the stitches at the end of a row. For a tr you need 2 turning chains (ch2) 

Next, turn your work:

When working your next and subsequent rows of tr, you will be inserting the hook into the space under the v’s:

If you are working in rounds, such as when you are making a granny square take a look at this post

I use UK terminology, click here for a handy conversion chart to US terms


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