Melu Crochet: Dotty about Bobbles! Square Blanket Pattern

My Dotty about Bobbles! Square Blanket pattern is here! Take a look in my LoveCrafts shop, Etsy shop and buy now on Ravelry!

Dotty about Bobbles! Square Blanket is the second in my series of easy to follow, repetitive patterns that create a beautiful texture (Here is the first: Dotty about Bobbles! )

The rainbow colours of this blanket make it modern and unisex.

I’ve designed this to be easy to make, it uses the bobble stitch (small raised bumps) and filet crochet (creating small decorative holes) techniques so is perfect if you are a beginner and want to give them a try.

There are lots of photos and explanation as you go through.

Not just for beginners, this is a therapeutic, flowing pattern that is great for mindful crocheting and whilst binging tv!

I give you the colour recipe and yarn amounts you will need using stylecraft special dk, but of course you can play with colour combos and create something unique.

US and UK terminology and photo tutorial stitch guides included.

I have enjoyed choosing the colours for this blanket using my yarn pegs.

See my progress making my blanket on Instagram @Melucrochet

I was lucky to once again have such an enthusiastic testing group that gave me so much feedback and help to get the pattern just right. Now I am going to share some of these with you and showcase their fabulous work!

I have added links to my amazing tester’s Instagram or Facebook page so that you can follow them and give them a like!

Some more photos!

So thank you to my amazing testers! The pattern is available in my LoveCrafts shop now!

If you are interested in testing future Melu Crochet patterns, Subscribe to my blog using the link below or follow me on Facebook and Instagram and you will receive updates when I have a new pattern available for testing, Thanks!

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