Melu Crochet: Free NO BUTTON Ear Saver/mask adaptor crochet pattern

This pattern has been adapted from my Ear Saver/mask adaptor pattern which uses buttons- lots of people are using scraps and don’t have any buttons , and can’t get out to buy more. So here is my crochet only, non button design for Ear Savers.

I can’t do much but I hope this helps save some keyworker ears from being sore because of face masks 😷👂

My sister is a fabulous NHS nurse with sore ears because of the loops on her face mask 😷 ☹️
So I’ve made some of these for her and her colleagues so that they can slip the loops over the buttons at the back of the head instead 👏 crochet solves every problem 😁

I have written up the pattern and give it to you for free so that you can make some ear savers for our amazing key workers all over the world at this difficult time.

For a printable PDF version of this, and my Ear saver/mask adaptor Pattern, click here for my Etsy Shop or my LoveCrafts Shop

Please share with all of your crocheting friends so they can make some too!

Cotton yarn and acrylic buttons will be best as they will need to be washed at 60 degrees C 🧼
Darker colours are better as will need to be washed with uniform – we don’t want chewing gum white! 👚
Use up your scraps- they only take up a small amount of yarn 🧶
Make loads and share this pattern with your friends so that our keyworkers don’t have sore ears 👂
Thank you to ALL keyworkers 👏👏👏😍😍😍


4mm hook

Approx 5g Aran cotton yarn, (so great for using up scraps!) I used Rico Creative Cotton Aran

Large eyed needle



Finished ear saver is approx 8cm long; you can make yours longer by adding chains to the foundation chain


ch chain

sts stitches

sl st slip stitch

dc(sc) double crochet UK terminology (single crochet US terminology)


  1. Foundation chain: Chain 11
  2. Round 1: insert hook into 2nd chain from hook,
  3. 3dc(sc) into indicated stitch,
  4. dc(sc)into each ch until you reach the last ch
  5. 3dc(sc) into the last ch,as you can see, I like to crochet over my ends as I go along; this means less sewing in when you have finished
  6. continue to dc(sc) into each chain; you are now working into the bottom of your foundation chain
  7. Slip stitch into the top of your first dc(sc) of round 1 to join.
  8. Round 2: chain 1
  9. dc(sc)into this stitch,
  10. dc(sc) into each stitch around
  11. Slip stitch into the top of your first dc(sc) of round 2 to join
  12. Cut yarn and fasten off

Melu Crochet Flower Embellishment pattern


4mm hook

Approx 5g Aran cotton yarn, I used Rico Creative Cotton Aran

Large eyed needle



ch chain

st/s stitch/es

slst slip stitch 

dc(sc) double crochet UK terminology (single crochet US terminology)

Htr (hdc) half treble crochet UK terminology (half double crochet US terminology)

  1. Complete a magic ring, Ch 1
  2. Round 1: 6 dc into the magic ring,
  3. Pull closed by gently pulling on the tail end of yarn, 
  4. join with Slst into the top of first dc.
  5. Round 2: Ch 3,
  6. 3 htr,
  7. ch 3,
  8. slst into the first stitch. 
  9. *slst, ch 3, 3htr, ch 3, slst repeat from * into each of the remaining stitches (6 petals in total)
  10. Cut yarn and fasten off.

You now need to sew your flowers on. 

  1. Position your flowers at each end of the strip
  2. Thread your needle with the tail end of your flower, insert your needle through the back of the htr(hdc) stitches of the nearest petal
  3. Sew into the back of the dc(sc) stitches on the strip,
  4. Sew into the back of the next petal,
  5. Sew into the back of the next dcs(scs)
  6. Thread your other end onto the needle and insert into the centre of the end ch of your strip
  7. Re thread your yarn and continue to sew around the flower until you have sewn all 6 petals,
  8. Thread this end through the centre of your end chain,
  9. Tie both ends together to secure,
  10. Cut yarn and sew in ends
  11. Your ear saver is now finished.
  12. Your ear saver can now be used by wrapping the loops of the face mask over each flower, rather than around the ears

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Website and blog: I’d love to see your finished projects, tag me! #melucrochet 

I hope you enjoy making your ear savers, I’d love to see them! Use #melucrochet to share!

The pattern and all photos within the pattern are protected under copyright and are the property of Melu Crochet. Please do not resell or share my patterns.

You may sell the finished products that you make from this pattern. Please consider selling for charity. If selling online, please include a link back to my website -thank you!

Please share this pattern with all of your crocheting friends and help those amazing key workers and their sore ears!

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  1. Hi, it’s a great idea, thank you for sharing this! I talked to my sister-in- love, she is a nurse and she had sore ears too, she was using tissues for her ears but now she will make one of these ear savers for herself.

    Can I translate this pattern to Turkish for Turkish people? I’m sure a lot of women in Turkey would make a lot of these ear savers and give them to health workers but they can not understand English. And I searched Google for Turkish version of it but I couldn’t find anything. So I would be very happy if you let me translate the pattern. And then you can share it here on your website or I can share it on my website.


  2. Thanks for the pattern I am making these for my colleagues who work in mental health and my daughter and her colleagues who work in ICU any help with sore ears is most gratefully received .we are in Jersey


  3. I have been trying for a long time to get an answer to my problem, I am deaf and my ear is deformed, the deformity makes it impossible for me to wear a face masks. Thank to you I believe I finally got an answer to my problem. As soon as I am done typing this I am going to crochet one of your Dad savers to see if it will help me keep a face mask on and on place. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in sharing. We need more people like you in this world to help others like me.


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