Melu Crochet Guide: How to make a Magic Ring when crocheting ‘in the round’

The first step to crocheting in the round is to create a ring. This can be done with a foundation ring (ch4 and join with a slip stitch), or by creating a magic ring (also known as magic circle or adjustable ring).

An advantage of using a magic ring is that it can be pulled tight which closes the centre of your circle, especially useful for hats and amigurumi.

1) Cross working end of yarn over tail end

2) Insert hook under loop and over working end

3) Use hook to pull working end through

4) Yarn over

5) Pull through

6) Crochet the given stitches according to your pattern into the ring

7) Pull tail end of yarn to tighten ring

8) Insert hook into top of first stitch and join according to your round method:

Slip stitch to join if working in joined rounds

Or, if working in continuous rounds, continue with round 2 of your pattern
 Modern Granny Bobble Square Blanket

Take a look some of my patterns:

Shells and Pearls baby blanket by Melu Crochet- free blanket pattern
Customisable baby blanket pattern, add your own baby name by Melu Crochet 

I use UK terminology, click here for a handy conversion chart to US terms


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