Melu Crochet Guide: Half Treble crochet (htr)

The half treble is one of my favourite stitches, with more height than a dc but with less effort than a treble, I use it in many of my patterns! Scroll down for the third loop version, it creates quite a different texture.

This is a UK Half treble crochet, which is the same as a US Half double crochet, for a handy conversion chart, click here

regular htr stitches are worked through both loops (under the ‘v’)

Third loop half treble crochet (tlHtr)

The half treble crochet third loop is situated below the ‘v’ (indicated in red in the photo above). 

In this stitch you will follow the steps for making a regular htr, but at step 2, you will insert your hook into the third loop:

next, continue to follow steps 3-6.

Here you can see the htr used in my Continuous Join As You Go Htr/Hdc on my Sea Life Blanket which is available to buy in my etsy shop

my Personalised Sea Life baby blanket

I’d love to see what you make- don’t forget to add #melucrochet when you post your photos 🙂

The guide and all photos within the guide are protected under copyright and are the property of Melu Crochet.

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