Pattern Testing: Heart Fluff Pillow

I am posting to let you know that my Heart fluff Pillow is now ready for testing!

I wanted to use this beautiful Honey Bunny yarn again as I really enjoyed using it for my Wandering Star pattern: the colours are just so beautiful, I also jumped at the chance to give Peacock a try, it is so fluffy, I can’t wait to add even more texture to this heart!

Surface Fluff! 💗
Designing is all about bringing out the best in your materials, I am inspired to change the way I work when presented with new yarn; getting creative and always thinking how I can make it easy for the user to crochet with it.

Seeing the stitches from a previous round when using this type of yarn is very difficult, so you will be pleased to know that I have developed this pattern so you can get the texture and fun of the decorative yarn, without the pain!  You will be surface crocheting into the ‘post’ of the stitches from the rounds that have been made using Honey Bunny yarn, which means that you will only do one round, but this will be shaped by the stitches that you will crochet into, giving a heart shaped round of fluff.

I am offering the the chance for crocheters to test the Heart Fluff Pillow pattern for me so that I can make sure the sizes and amount of yarn needed are accurate, and that the instructions are correctly written.

I have designed this pattern for advanced beginners but I am happy for all abilities to give it a try.

Would you be willing to provide photos of your process and a photo of the finished piece? I’d love to showcase your work and also show real people using my crochet rather than models.

I am happy for you to use any type of yarn, please keep a record of how much yarn you have used to make your pillow and the name, brand and colour. I love people getting creative with the patterns and choosing different colour schemes and fibres, it can change the look of the item dramatically!

Thank you for your interest, the testing call has now closed, the pattern is with testers and should be out soon! follow me for updates using the links below- thanks!

If you are interested in testing future Melu Crochet patterns, Subscribe to my blog using the link below or follow me on Facebook and Instagram and you will receive updates when I have a new pattern available for testing, Thanks!

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