Event: Horsforth Walk of Art

My partner in crochet Louisa and I took part in the Horsforth Walk of Art on Sunday. We were lucky enough to be hosted by Newlay Lodge in their beautiful garden. There was a great feeling of community and fun powered by tea and cake!

Louisa and I run Hooked! Crochet classes so were asked if we wanted to get involved. We decided to have a little stall, a treasure hunt for the kids and a workshop, open to anyone that wanted to learn crochet.

We thought we would just sit and crochet and maybe speak to a few people; No way! We were pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors, young and old, male and female, there was a constant flow and we were kept busy all day:

There was a real buzz about the event and everyone was interested and willing to have a go

It was interesting for me to chat to a lady that used to crochet bikinis and fashion items when she was in her 20s and then ended up not doing it again. I was amazed that anyone could stop crocheting! How does this happen?! She explained that when crocheting became less fashionable, the shops stopped stocking the yarn that she needed and so that was that. I was happy to hear that by looking at all of our shawls and blankets we had inspired her to revisit crochet and have another go at it- phew!

It was a lovely event to be part of, thanks for asking us, see you next year!


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