Free Crochet Pattern: Unicorn Bobble Stitch Face Cloth

After creating my Bobble stitch guide, I thought it would be useful to give you a pattern to try out the bobble stitch for yourself. Here is a little unicorn face cloth bobble stitch chart to get you started!

I use UK terminology, click here for a handy conversion chart to US terms


ch chain

sts stitches

dc double crochet (UK Terminology) This is a US single crochet (sc)

Bobble *Yarn over, insert into indicated stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2 (two loops left on hook) Repeat * four more times until there are 6 loops on your hook, yarn over, pull through all loops on hook. See the Melu Crochet Bobble Stitch Guide for step by step photos. For help with changing colour, take a look at my Bobble Stitch with colour changes guide


5mm hook

Approx 70g Aran cotton yarn, I used Rico Creative Cotton Aran

Large eyed needle



The pattern will work with any yarn size, use the hook size that has been recommended for your yarn. Finished size will depend on your type of yarn, size of hook and your tension. 

I used aran/worsted cotton yarn, with a 5mm hook which gave a finished measurement of approx 25cm x 25cm

How to read a bobble stitch Chart

The grid represents stitches and rows of crochet. The white squares are double crochet and the coloured squares represent a bobble stitch.

The coloured squares on my bobble stitch charts are a guide for adding colour, You may find it easier as a beginner to just use one colour while you are getting the hang of it, if you choose to do this then just add a bobble stitch whenever you come to a square that isn’t white.

Refer to the Melu Crochet Bobble Stitch Guide for help with creating a bobble stitch.

The bobbles will show on the reverse of your work, therefore your finished square will be a mirrored image of the pattern.

The background has been left white to represent a double crochet, but any yarn colour can be used for your background.

  • Chain (ch) a foundation chain the same number as the width of your pattern, plus 1 for turning: Ch30. 
  • Working into 2nd chain from hook Start at stitch 1, row 1 at the bottom right corner of the chart and then crochet along the row, adding a Double Crochet (Dc) if its a white square or a bobble stitch if its a coloured square. Each row will have a stitch count that is the same as your pattern width (29). 
  • Chain 1 at the end of each row and turn – this is a turning chain and does not count as a stitch throughout the pattern. 

Top Tip for beginners: Count your stitches as you go!

This pattern is part of a collection of motifs that can be made separately as wash cloths or joined together to to make a blanket! Take a look at the Bobble Stitch Squares Set by Melu Crochet on etsy.

I hope you enjoy giving the bobble stitch a try, remember to tag your makes! #melucrochet

If you would like to try a bobble stitch pattern take a look at these:

For the Bobble stitch chart patterns above, click here

If you’d like to see my other patterns, please take a look at my etsy shop


  1. I am new to following a pattern by a chart and have a question. In row 4, stitch 3 is a blue bobble stitch in stitch 4 is it suppose to be a blue sc? And is row 5 all sc using same color from row before? Anyone that could help with this would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Peggy, thanks for your question, it is great to have your feedback!
      Using the chart, you would add an sc (US terminology) in the background colour (for me it is white) whenever you get to a white square. However it would be ok to make the stitches between bobbles the same colour as the bobble, blue or pink as the stitches in between the bobbles don’t show up too much.
      The odd rows should be done all in background colour (white). Hope this helps, Mel


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